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Kids Course ( from 4 to 6 years old)

Childhood is a great moment in our life to build a base of our future life. What you have got in your childhood that you will get in adult life. Kids have got good memory that`s why it is recommended to start learning foreign languages at an early age.

4- 6 лет в англ.версию
We sort out small groups according to the level of language. The lessons are interesting and exciting. The teachers use modern techniques of teaching. Kids play a lot speaking only foreign language. Also we learn to play games from different cultures and countries. We also try to read and write. A native speaking teacher has got classes from time to time. Besides, we throw some parties for kids where they speak only foreign languages. Moreover, there`s a theatre for kids to make performances. The parents are devoted into the study.

Course of 1 level lasts 6 months or 12 months.
Frequency : 16 academic hours a month.
A class lasts 30 min.+ break + 30 min.
Amount of kids per a group: 3-6
Price: 3000 rubles a month.

Study while playing!