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Teaching in the company

0_166a6_fcae2572_XLIt is not enough to be a successful director of the company nowdays. Every well-educated person has to speak foreign languages. A perspective CEO learns English and at the same time he takes care of his staff.
We cooperate to different companies in Krasnoyarskyi region.

We offer programs:
basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced, business English or business Russian course:
– in a group
– in micro-group
– individual

We also offer interpreter -service.  Krasnoyarskji region attracts foreign investors so there are some joint-ventures in this region. We offer a Russian course to foreigners and introduce them Siberian culture .

Course Details:

Lessons:            30 lessons per 3 week ( every day 2 lessons except weekend)
Class size:         10 maximum
Start date:          every Monday
Length:              1 week minimum – no maximum


 1 week
 1 weeks
( individual)
 90 euro  125 euro

Corporate education is the main step to be succeed!