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About the school

Our school was awarded with “Golden Medal” for the top-quality education.
At all times the intelligence status was defined by possession of foreign languages.
Our non-commercial educational institution ” International School of Foreign Languages” is one of the leading language schools in Krasnoyarsk.

Our school was founded in 2003г. to offer an additional education for adults and children, and kids. Our graduators get certificates, diplomas.
There are 4 departments conveniently located for our clients. We offer fast and qualitative teaching since early morning till the late evening (time is arranged under our students` time-table). The Russian qualified teachers and foreign teachers work at our school. Teaching is conducted to 10 foreign languages in comfortable offices, at offices of the local companies, and also a home-service is provided. We have a possibility of remote teaching (an e-mail consultations, on-line-skype).

Nowdays Siberean people can study English in England, Ireland, USA, Switzerland and many others. It is very exiting! A new service for Russian teachers who teach English is offered by our school. They can get additional professional skills abroad.We also cooperate to an international school EF (London) and every summer we take out pupils to study English there.

Our graduators go on their education in different Universities without difficulties where the foreign language is required and they study easily in HIGH SCHOOLS, winning the Educational Olympiades in foreign languages and get diplomas in English language. Adults, having received a base level in a foreign language go on studying abroad to receive the certificate offering advantages at employment in the foreign or Russian companies.

During academic year we organize «Language Plunge» in the countryside. It gives the chance for our students to brush-up their English skills in a real life. The director of our school is Popova Galina Michajlovna. She is a teacher of English and German languages, the author of textbooks in German language for sports educational institutions «Treiben Sie Sport» and «Sport macht Spass». Students of faculty of Physical training in Pedagogical University, technical school of physical culture of Krasnoyarsk and students of Olympic Games Reservation in Rostov-on-Don, Angarsk are taught by those books.

In 2007 our school won the tender for corporate teaching in the company “SUEK”- the greatest coal company in Siberea. Also we teach English in some other companies, such as MDM bank, the Yenisei Incorporated bank, “Rusles”, «Siberian Center», “Cover”, “Sibirenergo”, Russian-Italian company “Ilpea-RsK,” SIMEDIJA-KRASNOJARSK “, in the English company« Johnson Matthey Catalysts »in Krasnoyarsk” etc.

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