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Our aim is Promoting English language and culture.

Our annual Poetry Out Loud Contest was launched six years ago This year’s contest took place April 25 in the State Regional Libruary. Fifty- eight candidates from city schools took part, reciting a famous poem from English literature, especially by W.Shakespeare. In each category (Middle School, High School) and at each level of study of the English language (beginner, intermediate, advanced) trophies were awarded to the winners of first, second and third prizes, as well as numerous honorable mentions. There were 2 nominations: Voice and Articulation and Dramatic Appropriateness, besides there was a prize for High Score.

The enthusiasm and joy of candidates, added to the numerous and vigorous applause from the audience – composed of parents, teachers and friends – ensured the success of the contest.

We are very grateful to the distinguished teachers, who encouraged the students to participate in Annual Poetry Out Loud Contest and has brought so much dedication to prepare the students and also we are grateful to our judges who took the time to evaluate original poems, and judge the recitations. Our thanks also go to:

* SKAD – Light Alloy Wheels Plant

* Starway – the Center of Tourism and Education Abroad

* State Universal Scientific Libruary in Krasnoyarsk region

We hope to see all these people – as well as new schools and new candidates – at our Poetry Out Loud Contest next year.

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