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Русский язык для иностранцев

РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ИНОСТРАНЦЕВЗа последнее время интерес иностранцев к Сибири возрос. В Красноярск приезжают бизнесмены из разных стран, ведут здесь бизнес и, конечно же, им необходимо знание русского языка. Мы предлагаем курс обучения русскому языку иностранцев. Курс индивидуально согласуется в зависимости от поставленных целей.

There is a Russian system of certified levels of Russian language assessment as a foreign language:

  • -Beginner level;
  • -Elementary level;
  • -First level (intermediate);
  • -Second level (upper-intermediate);
  • -Third level (advanced);
  • -Fourth level (proficiency);These levels correlate with the Common European Framework of Reference European (CEFR).

After a Russian course a student gets a certificate.

Curriculum:3 hours a day ( in the morning) from Monday to Friday.Aspects of the course every week:  Grammar, Speaking, Writing, Listening, Culture.

Curriculum Price:  900 euro  per 60 classes a  month.

A helping service: making invitation, delivery, bank expenses, help in renting a flat, car, in buying tickets, solving some problems


  • — Guide for sightseeing in the city
  • — Guide for visiting a museum, a theater, a night club, a Russian restaurant
  • — Countryside Tour and Visiting Russian sauna+ shashlyk (barbeque)

A Full Package includes: Curriculum ( 60 classes a month ) + helping service + activities + certificate=  1350 euro. 

Additional Service for the students:

-a 3-days tour to salt district. It`s a district of unique salt lakes called Chackasia. One of the salt lakes is the lake «Tuz» where the salt concentration is the same as Dead Sea in Israel,  visiting Tuimskji proval, ( 400 km far from Krasnoyarsk) (summer time)

-a 3-days or a day- rafting down the mountain river Mana (summer time).

-a day- boat tour and explore caves in Berusa caves district (summer time).

-a boy scout tour, camping in tents. At night everybody is sitting around bonfire and sing songs playing guitar on the bank of the mountain river Mana (summer time).

-3  days in Burusa camping (a trip by boat, seeing picturesque view of caves, rocks, wild place “taiga”,go boating, pedallo, swimming, ping-pong, football, volleyball, fishing, sauna) (summer time).

-entertainment in Ski-Resort «Bobrovyi Log», ( in winter it`s a ski –resort, in summer it`s a lovely place with open-air swimming pool, lift to the top of the slope to see the city view from the bird`s view

-a day- tour to the Natural Park «Stolby». It`s famous for its Natural Rocks with different shapes. International Climbing Competitions are taken place there.-a trip for fishing -a visit to the Zoo -а trip to a Russian village and meeting locals, getting to  know folks, culture, farm

Regarding Russian classes:

Time-table: 9.00 — 13.00  ( 3 classes a day. Each lasts 60 min) from Monday to Friday.

Curriculum: Russian ( Grammar, Writing,Speaking, Listening), Russian Culture

Terms: 1) September- December, 2) February- May.  (January is a month off because of X-mas long vocation)

Exams: at the end of  every term. Final exam is in May.

Certification: after Final exams.

Price list:

Group (2 persons):

Duration of one class: 60 min.

Price for 8 classes: 4000 rub. per a person


Duration of one class: 60 min.

Price for one class: 800 rub


Speaking Russian means to have good investments!